Welcome to Delilah Knight, author

Delilah Knight is the alter-ego of Laurie Stewart, also an author.

As such, she has much more fun. Delilah writes cozy mysteries in a variety of genres, including LGBT+, Sci-Fi, and paranormal. All of her books are inclusive in some way, be it a disability, mental illness, People of Colour, or LGBTQ++.

She always works with a sensitivity editor, to make sure that identities different to her own are covered with realism and… well, sensitivity.

Miss Vee Mysteries is her first series, starting with Miss Vee and the Lecherous Lawyer.

Miss Victoria Lilley is 60, smart-mouthed, and trans. She loves everything 1950s, the kitschier the better.

When her favorite aunt dies and her family doesn’t tell her until the estate lawyer sends a letter telling her she’s in the will, Vee heads home.

Angry and grief-stricken, Vee argues with her mother, and with David Snapper, a lawyer as slippery as the fish he’s named after. When he turns up dead just in time for Vee’s next appointment, the small-town cops are only too happy to blame her.

Can she prove her innocence when a transphobic cop makes sure the evidence points at her? Or will she need to trade 50s rock for prison blues?

Available as an ebook at Amazon, Kobo, Apple, Google Play, Nook, and many other estores. Also available as a paperback.”

Coming soon:

Miss Vee and the Terrible Trailer Park, Dec 4, 2020

Miss Vee and Bee’s Betrayal, Mar 2021

Miss Vee and the Horrid Handyman, July 2021

Miss Vee and the Devious Divas, Oct 2021

Have fun!