Miss Vee and the Lecherous Lawyer (paperback)


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(book 1)

“Miss Vee is sassy, sophisticated, and trans. A lover of all things fifties, Vee is a *perfect lady. From her kitten heels to her dirty martini, Vee is living her best life. (*please ignore her snark and sarcasm.)

When her favorite aunt dies and Dave Snapper, the lawyer, is as slippery as the fish he’s named after, Vee goes from uncomfortable to creeped out in a heartbeat.
When she finds him dead at their next appointment, Vee becomes the chief suspect in his murder.

Turns out that he’s is not who he seemed, and a lot of people wanted him dead. The police focus on Vee; they say it’s because she’s the major heir, but Vee thinks it’s because she’s different. In small-town Canada, different means dangerous, and they’re determined to put her away before she kills again. Only, she didn’t do it.

And if she can’t find the killer, she’ll be locked away for good. And do prisons even have a happy hour?

Available in Kobo, Kindle, Nook, Apple, and more at respective eretailers. Also available in paperback.

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