About Me

Hi, welcome to my author’s page!

I’m so excited to have published my first erotica book through Corvid Moon Publishing. It’s about a normal guy surprising the Fairy Queen at a celebration and she¬†kidnaps him for sexy times!

They have a link to buy my book right on the website, or you can order from Amazon, Kobo, Barnes&Noble, Smashwords … wherever you want.

I’m already working on my second book, it has pirates. Hot women pirates! And sexy monks.

I also have an Amazon affiliates store with links to my book(s), things that I blog about, things I love, and more. The 4% they give me helps pay for the website. This much fun ain’t cheap. ¬†LOL

So … welcome and come back soon, I’ll be posting more and more stuff. Giveaways, coupons, maybe games?