I’m Delilah Knight, pen-name and alternate ego of Laurie Stewart. While Laurie writes SFF, I write cozy, LGBT mysteries and paranormal mysteries!

Well, I am writing. I have the first draft of book one; The Lecherous Lawyer about 2/3 done.  I have outlines for the next 3 and am started outlining book 5. I also have the general mystery and titles for 15 more!

The paranormal books will be a bit longer, as I’m so wrapped up in Miss Victoria Lilley’s adventures. She’s a 60 yo, transwoman with a bit of snark and a lot of twin sets. Her best friends are a lesbian couple with commitment issues. These will be humorous, but still, a bit nerve-wracking mysteries set in and around the small town of Smiths Fall, Ontario (Canada).

I’m so excited, I have always adored cozy mysteries, and the LGBT community is so close to my heart. If there are enough inquisitive comments, I may do a blog on why.